My vision of leadership


“How can I be a leader?” I believe this is the ideal of most MBA students want to ask. This ideal is not so much attracted by the great aura of modern leaders, but rather a desire for the great responsibility and challenge of the leader’s management profession. As the famous management expert in the United States, Bower said: “For our society, any job is not important to the management of the management of the decision whether our social institutions can serve us well, or whether Will waste our talents and resources” (Bower, 1977).


Good commutation is the essential character of the leader

What I am talking about does not mean that the leader should have a linguistic ability like a lecturer. The most important means by which the leader communicates with others is action, not language. The issuance of a medal, the appointment and removal of a personnel, a new sales policy, an urgent problem, and even a look of language cannot achieve the communication effect. Remember that communication must be two-way, and you cannot communicate with others when you want to communicate. If you let an employee who does not make an appointment to report an emergency to you at the door for 30 minutes, you are unmistakably conveying a message that despises him (Valenti, 2017).


I still clearly remember that my last leader and senior management of the annual budget meeting, the last time the leadership of the rise of the endless talk about one and a half hours. But when he stopped dry mouth, full of hope can cause a warm reaction, did not expect the participants are silent. He made a name to one of the speakers, the staff said: “Huang total, you agree that these views, but we are now the most perplexed is not to know whether to seize the market share, or to improve profit margins? Once the leadership of a sudden vent gas, that one and a half hours of “communication” the whole fee. So he fell into the growing distress – why is it so rare?

Since then, I have begun to consciously follow the communication expert’s textbook to train myself “listening” ability. A person who could do so, if not take the initiative to “listen” others speech, cannot quickly understand the problem of others, cannot be a good leader.


Honesty is the essential character of the leader

Want to take someone else’s hand and brain, to complete their own ideas of the leaders, first of all to get someone else’s trust. To get the trust of others, you should not only treat others honestly, but also treat yourself honestly. People do not want to make friends with dishonest people; but in order to survive, they can work for dishonest leaders, but who is willing to work hard for a dishonest leader? So, a dishonest leader, a certain leader Is a team cannot contribute to work (Entrepreneur, 2015). A dare to subordinate said: “I do not understand, you teach me” leader, can become a subordinate sincere admire the leadership; a dare to the board said: “I’m sorry, this decision is wrong.” The leader is the board Really trust the manager; so, these people can be willing to work for you.

The following story takes place before the company that I worked for, and has always been a case to tell us:

In 1997, China Resources launched Esprit clothing retail business in China. We sent a person who did not do the clothing business as the company’s leader. He put this in 1997 only 200-million-yuan turnover, profit less than 10 million yuan of business, within 5 years to do 10 billion in turnover and 1 billion profit. When he taught the Chinese Esprit case, he said: “I was a layman, took over a professional company, the beginning of the heart is fictitious, but when I began to admit I did not understand when my heart put down when I open my heart When consulting with colleagues at the Esprit headquarters and my subordinates, I have not only had never been cold and embarrassed. Instead, everyone gave me an unexpected help, which not only accelerated my pace of study, but also made them take the initiative for me jobs”.

Honesty is the basis of credit. In addition to honesty, the leader must also be a person with a letter. The leader’s words should be honored, including the wrong promises.


Leaders must have the ability to learn and reflect on themselves

In addition to the rapid changes in modern economic and technological changes, leaders should continue to learn to update the knowledge in order to ensure that enterprises are not eliminated, the leader of the work itself (the hands of others and the brain up), but also requires them to master other professional knowledge competent (Ambler, 2016). For example, you have five children, Saturday you intend to let them together in the morning to do housework, afternoon to take them to the beach to play. So you need to allocate among them who weed, who water the flowers, who sucks up and who wipes and so on. But if you do not know how to do these jobs and who are good at doing, how can you allocate these jobs rationally? Therefore, a good leader should first be one or several industry experts in the job. Because management has always been concrete.


In a good leader, regardless of his or her professional origin, you will often find that he will have half of the accountants, half of the lawyers, half of the engineers and even half of the sales expert’s shadow. People who have not done a leader often say, “Do you learn what professionalisms do?” Do not you know that professionals cannot make a decision to replace the leader. If you do not have some professional knowledge, how can professionals explain their decision-making problems to you? If you do not understand other people’s questions, how can you help others make decisions? For example, in the annual financial report, Ambiguous large cost is put this year, or into next year? At this time the chief financial officer can not make decisions on your behalf. Some people jokingly said: “Leaders in the school, may not necessarily be a good student; but the beginning of work, have become the most practical students.” Do not you know, this is the leader of the professional requirements.

Not only need to lead the entire team to complete the short-term goals in the enterprise; also need to strategically determine the direction for the enterprise. You are not only responsible for the mistakes of subordinates, but also for the mistakes of the board of directors. You not only in the hard targets (turnover, profit margins, market share) on the qualified, but also in the soft indicators (vision planning, corporate culture, team building) have achievements. Some people may ask: “Is the leader is Superman?” Yes! Good leadership, in addition to being a shrewd manager, must also be a leader with insight, courage, courage, influence and heart.


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11 thoughts on “ My vision of leadership

  1. What leadership style would you like to use in the future. Why ? What inspired you to choose this style? Why ? It is possible change leadership styles all the time to adapt the working environment and employees?


    1. I will beacme an affiliative leader builds harmony among my followers with a strong eye toward solving interpersonal conflicts.

      This type of leader will also build teams that make sure that their followers feel connected to each other. Just lile a master at establishing positive relationships.

      Because the followers really like their leader, they are loyal, share information, and have high trust, all of which helps climate.

      For my opinion, the affiliative leader gives frequent positive feedback, helping to keep everyone on course. Typically the followers will receive much praise from this style of leader, however poor performance tends to go unchecked.


    1. Thanks for u like. actully, unlike other leadership styles, transformational leadership is all about initiating change in organizations, groups, oneself and others.

      Transformational leaders motivate others to do more than they originally intended and often even more than they thought possible. They set more challenging expectations and typically achieve higher performance.


  2. For me I will focue on the investment in the future caree, as u know this this youth and open industry. each person could give the opinion, so I alwasys say that motivate others to do more than they originally intended and often even more than they thought possible.


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